Crowdsourcing Logo Design with Contests.

How a once vibrant industry was looted and destroyed by corporate greed and borderline illegal labor practices. First let’s talk about the concept of crowdsourcing itself. Crowdsourcing did not begin as a way to get a cheap logo or website, it’s roots and early successes are actually in the scientific community.  There have been some […]

The hidden cost of outsourcing

There has been a huge trend in corporate America to outsource IT and web development work overseas because of the drastically lower rates that people will work for in countries like India, South America and eastern Europe. (This is different than Design Contest and Crowd Sourcing.) Large companies have built offices in these locations to […]

Magneto Review

E-commerce Shopping Cart Reviews | Home Platform: PHP / MySQL Price: Basic Edition is Free Opensource Download Link: Hire a programmer to install Magneto. Unfortunately, Magento is not a turnkey solution. Out of the box, Magento is a demo. Your site and emails are, by default, splattered with references to “demo store”, which is sure to uninspire confidence with your […]

Zen Cart E-Commerce Software

E-commerce Shopping Cart Reviews Platform: PHP / MySQL Price: Free Opensource Software (You will need an experienced programmer to install) Download Link: Hire a programmer to install Zen Cart. A list of features of Zen Cart™ Allows customers to shop your store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Easily keep your products/catalog updated […]